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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Check out Isabella's TWO MONTH picture at my new blog:

I will be blogging there from now on

Thanks! Kat :)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

There is a Male in this Family...........

Steve's Turn!

Since I'm making this the family blog now, I figure I should talk about more than just the girls. As cute as they are, Steve deserves some attention too!
Actually, its his handi work that I want to show off- our beautiful organic garden!

the herb garden: rosemary, sage, basil, cilantro,


zuchinni - those plants go crazy! we do lots of zuchinni in our meals: sauteed, grilled, in sauces, and in bread!

Steve built the boxes. He does such an awesome job!

I'm posting this unfinished, because I;m having trouble uploading a few more pictures. So frustrating! Hopefully I'll have them up soon.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

cause they;re cute.............
pics from our roadtrip
more later!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baby Wearing Mama!
So Izzy is a bit more high maintence than Jessica was. Both girls only wanted mama, but Izzy is also colicky, and being with Mommy is the only way to be ;)
Luckily I learned, quickly, how to nurse Izzy in the
sling or my mei-tei carrier.
I have been carrying her around while I work, do dishes, cook meals, take kids potty, shop, baseball games. You name it. I have also been able to nurse her while carrying her while cooking, walking around the farmers market, walking home from the Padres game, and enjoy a bbq- with no one having a clue! Yes, thankfully I also have the
hooter hider which comes in very handy ;)
I love (and loved it with Jessica) wearing my babies. Though it is pretty killer on the back- I can't wait till I can go and get a massage!!!!

A few pictures of this Baby Wearing Mama
The first few are from the Padres game we went to for Great Grammy's bday
Nursing her as we walk to the car:

She got a pin that said "My First Visit to Petco Park." Notice she also had a binky in! One of the few times I've been able to get her to keep one............... (another reason she's more high maintence!)

Family pic! I have to find the picture I have of me carrying Jessica in the exact same outfit at her first Padre game!

Shopping at Target. My first big outting after having Izzy. She was a little over a week. Maybe two weeks here

Super cute ring sling a mom at my preschool made me!

Love this pic, Izzy had just woken up and is peeking around. We were out to dinner with our friends Jackie and Andy who were visiting from Arizona

Love the passed out look she gets. She had been nursing in the mei tai. So sweet

I know I have more. I need ot find some of the ones of me wearing Jessica. Yes, wearing babies is a life saver for this busy Mama!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Izzy's First Bath!!!!
Yes, Izzy JUST had her first bath because her umbilical cord just fell off a few days ago. Took forever....... so glad to not have to deal with it anymore!
She loved it :) I thought she was going to scream and hate it, but she got so mellow. Maybr she'll be a water baby?

Jessica had to help

Drying her off with the pink bunny robe. I thought she looked so cute, had to take some pictures! Izzy did not like that

She calmed down when we put on some lotion. Again, Jessica had to help. Don't you love how Jessica opted out of wearing pants?

All clean and cute in her jammies. And pissed off that mommy is taking pictures and not feeding her.

Have to throw in a picture of the big sister helper :)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Isabella at One Month
can you believe Izzy is one month old today?! Craziness I tell ya!!!!

At One Month Izzy is
Almost 13 pounds. Girlfriend has been gaining weight like you wouldn't believe!

Has gone stretches of 7 hours between feedings- hoping this means she'll be a good sleeper like Jessica and sleeping 11 hours by 5 months!

Still has black hair, and a widows peak she apparently inherited from her mother :)

Looks like a Adams baby for sure!

Big Blue eyes that she's keeping open for longer and longer

She's a great sleeper, I swear she sleeps like 23 hours a day some days

She is also a projectile vomiter. Its awesome

She makes all the sweet, silly newborn sounds that her big sister finds HILARIOUS

Started her in cloth diapers around 2 1/2 weeks, but had to go back to disposables because her umbilical cord was not falling off. FINALLY feel off at 4 weeks exactly.

Jessica loves her baby sister so much. But has had some difficulty sharing mommy.....

Starting to push her head up to look around. Always looks surprised when doing so

Smiling in her sleep, and when she's awake occasionally. I don't think she knows she's doing it though, but I do know it is NOT gas

She recognizes Mommy, Daddy and big Sister Jessica's voices. She stops crying when she hears Jessica come into the room

Has yet to sleep in her bassinet. We're gonna start working on that......

Starting to take a binky!

She's the most precious baby girl and her Mommy, Daddy and big Sister are all so happy she's here and love her sooooo soooo much!